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Made Design Barcelona

Made Design Barcelona was established in 2010 as a brand of decorative and design accessories to cover a range of neccesities not only in the workplace, but also public spaces and at home. 

All the solutions have been created by renowned designers.

Recycling stations, coat stands, white boards and lectern are just some of the products which are distributed in more than 50 countries.

Made Deisgn Barcelona is part of the Planning Sisplamo group, a company with more than 50 years of experience in design. 


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KFF’s furniture from Lemgo represents 25 years of distinct design, very high standards regarding quality where comfort, materials and workmanship is concerned, as well as the acknowledgement of Germany as its manufacturing location.

These criteria, together with being open to new products, entrepreneurial flexibility, a feel for timeless design, characterise the successful development of the business founded by Karl Friedrich Förster in Hörstmar’s old station building in 1984.

The first big milestone for KFF's history was the SINUS chair prototype produced in 1987 and which became a design classic, and has since been sold more than 250 000 times over."  — KFF

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molo, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a collaborative design and production studio led by Stephanie Forsythe (B.EDS, M.ARCH) and Todd MacAllen (B.FA, B.EDS, M.ARCH).
The molo studio is dedicated to the research of materials and the exploration of space making. As a design and manufacturing company, molo creates and distributes its unique and innovative products to clients around the world.
molo products grow from Forsythe and MacAllen’s architectural explorations. Inspired by the idea that smaller tactile objects have a real potency in the physical experience of space, molo sets out to create objects that define intimate temporal spaces.
Recognized for poetic beauty and pragmatic innovation, molo’s products have received numerous international awards and have been acquired into the collections of museums and galleries worldwide including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.



The Rolf Benz AG & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of high quality upholstered furniture, based in Nagold. 


The company was founded in 1964 by Rolf Benz with 35 employees. In contrast, there are now more than 450 employees, as the large numbers of furniture is nowadays still made by hand


Rolf Benz has sustained to be a premium manufacturer for more than four decades, which is thanks to the passion for upholstered furniture and design with insistence to the highest standards of quality


Rolf Benz creates timeless classics and award-winning sofas, armchairs and chairs. 

In 2009 the company was awarded the prestigious Best Brands award as the best furniture brand and is among the top 25 of the German luxury brands. 


Rolf Benz CONTRACT represents the quality and style of its origin, forwarding its philosophy on the public spaces’ furniture industry.

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Tommy m


“Since 2003, our goal has been to build furniture that meets the highest quality standards. Craftsmanship and the finest materials are the basis of our products. 


Each manufacturing step – from selecting the top quality materials to our precise production – is meticulously performed by hand, by qualified and well-trained upholstery specialists.


At TM COLLECTIONS, we often think about how we live with furniture. That is how we fabricate upholstered furniture in the design studio of our factory, in innovative collaboration with young, successful designers, in traditional handcrafted quality, exclusively on our premises in Lichtenfels in Upper Franconia. 


The greatest demands for exclusivity are made upon the raw materials we use, on the top quality leather and the fine fabrics we select for our furniture pieces, guaranteeing the greatest comfort for every purpose.”
     — tommy m



Feel welcome – this is Schönbuch’s guiding principle. 


Creative, functional solutions for the entrance area are the company’s core competence. For a loft in the city, a house in the country, an office or a commercial building with a specific purpose – Schönbuch supplies the ideal interior-furnishing concept with its hallway, garment storage and system furniture, individual items and interior accessories. 


Every product satisfies the highest design, material and workmanship standards. Function is always the creative stimulus, and the innovative use of selected, subtle colours is a visual highlight of the collection. 


No two entrance areas are alike in their structural features or their users’ requirements. Schönbuch’s answer to this almost infinite spatial variety and customers’ equally varied wishes is to offer a big selection of products in different versions – and to maintain its creative development unceasingly. 


The design of an entrance area is functionally important, but also has a presentational aspect. Schönbuch takes both of these into account, and always combines practical benefits with a clear design statement. 


Hallways, lobbies and entrances are transformed into new, functionally planned living space in which residents and visitors alike feel welcome and content.

Atelier Vierkant logo

Atelier Vierkant

Atelier Vierkant is a belgian family manufactory where hand-made clay pots of highly artistic appearance are born. Each pot is unique and tells a different story.


By their special size-range they can be used both functionally, and as decorative works of art. They bring unique style and value to their environment.


The pots of Atelier Vierkant have a timeless design. They are perfectly suitable for plants, and can be kept both indoors and outdoors all year round.



transforms authentic airplane trolleys into timeless design objects for private use since 2006. 


Customers include not only design enthusiasts but also big companies who use these functional trolleys at trade fairs for promotional and marketing purposes.


bordbar is rooted in a deep passion for using old furniture in different contexts. It all started out with old cinema seats and steel lockers. After a while some airplane trolleys made their way into the mix.

The idea to transform this discarded industry product into a piece of design furniture was more than well received. So well received, actually, that it lead to founding the business in 2006 with the modest number of 287 trolleys. From a small Me Inc. it took bordbar only five years to grow into a global player.


Trolleys with special interiors or features are ever so versatile:

  • versions with chopping boards are ideal to make your kitchen mobile
  • containers with cubbyholes make great office mates
  • LEDs with colour programmes are a highlight in your lounge
  • the built-in docking station for iPhones is ideal for music on the go.


bordbar has the highest standards when it comes to design, materials and surfaces. The trolleys are elaborately manufactured according to well-tried standards, which ensures their solid and functional character.

Out-of-use airplane trolleys are manually repaired and overhauled one by one. In a process of several hours they are polished, smoothed and laminated with an extremely durable coating. This results in extremely high impact and scratch resistance as well as a brilliant sheen.




Perfection of the senses.

Let the day fade out in an atmosphere of total relaxation, and look forward to a refreshing night

A bed from RUF is much more than just a space for sleeping. It is your totally personal feel-good oasis, a place of retreat for body and mind – a place where you can replenish your forces for everyday challenges. That, and nothing less is what you expect from our products. 

This is why we offer you much more than just a bed, more than just a unique design. We know that a high standard of sleeping comfort embracing many aspects is essential for a sound and healthy sleep – comfort, that we always consider systematically in relation to your individual requirements. 

We have 300 different designs and qualities – currently the largest selection on the market – for complete design freedom and maximum individuality.

With high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail we make your dream bed specially for you!

Every bed is unique of course! 

Tested quality made in Germany, with numerous international design prizes and awards from independent institutes.